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Because the Proof is in the Pudding..


Please note that we do have a complete list of references upon request.

Here's a bit of what our client's have to say..

"Working with Andrea was a pleasure from start to finish. Having only a loose idea of what we wanted to serve (fresh...local...ummm...?), Andrea helped us navigate the ins and outs of the appetizers and meals, incorporated our menu ideas but suggested her own, ran some tasty trials, got rave thumbs up from our taste trial, and in the end we ended up with a menu that was nothing short of fantastic in both design and execution.

Every dish was a hit, especially the Macaroni and Cheese with Truffle Oil. In fact, the next day we had leftover Zachary's (from our rehearsal dinner) and leftover Mac and Cheese with Truffle Oil...and the Mac and Cheese was wiped out by our wedding party first!

The food was farm-fresh and served just right. On the day of our wedding, Andrea and her crew operated seamlessly - we were never worried about food being where we needed it, when we needed it. It really seemed more like it just magically appeared, and since we didn't use a wedding planner, having a reliable caterer was a huge deal.

Best of all, the price tag was under budget without sacrificing an iota of quality!

Two thumbs up, five stars, like, and highly recommended."

-Justin Kirkpatrick, Spring Wedding Menu


Read about The Punky Chef in the Lamorinda Weekly!

Link to article and recipes!!

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